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Classes & Programs

Infant Center

We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for our new little stars.  Our entire staff is sensitive to our infants’ individual needs and interests.  New little stars are encouraged to develop gross motor skills, as well as communication skills.  Manipulatives are readily available for our little ones to explore and discover.


Toddler Program

The focus of our toddler program is to introduce our children to academics.  We offer a curriculum that is educationally rich, and encourages socialization and independence.  At the end of every day, each child goes home feeling successful, happy, and loved.


Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten

The Program is geared towards preparing our little stars with all they will need to know for their first day of “big school” .and so much more!  Our curriculum is both age appropriate and fun, while encouraging a desire to learn utilizing centers, manipulatives, and computers.  Our environment inspires exploration, creativity, and interaction, while encouraging good manners and well-rounded social skills.  As parents, you are invited to follow along our monthly calendar to reinforce what your little one is learning at school.


After School Program

Our afterschool program provides a safe haven for children and peace of mind for parents.  Children are picked up from school and brought directly to the center, where they have a snack, do homework with an assigned teacher, and are engaged in afterschool activities until pick-up.


Summer Camp

CAMP STAR will have a summer full of adventure, fun, and games.  This is a time to socialize with friends and enjoy the outdoors, while keeping in mind good manners and sportsmanship.  Our very own Little Stars’ school bus will transport both our camp members and supervisors to our countless destinations throughout